Each technique is an instrument for the expansion of the self.

When something is repressed, it expresses itself in the form of pain and disease.

Give way to that which needs to be.

Let energy flow freely.

Soon you will realize the question was not how to stay balanced;

you had simply forgotten to flow.

Masaje Tradicional Tailandés Traditional Thai Massage >

A 2500 year old ancient healing art that treats the body as a whole in each moment.

Masaje Tibetano y Tibetano de Relajación Profunda Tibetan Massage and Deep Relaxation Tibetan Massage >

Soft, slow and profound, this millenary technique of massage remains little known in the Western world.

Masaje de Puntos Marma (acupresión india) Marma Points Massage (Indian Accupressure) >

This deep pressure point massage predates Chinese medicine and is believed to be the earliest application of acupressure.

Masaje sensitivo o Californiano Intuitive or Esalen Massage >

Especially indicated for those who wish to achieve a deep feeling of peace and wellbeing.

Sagrados Cuencos Cantores del Tibet Sacred Tibetan Singing Bowls >

Based on the millenary tradition of using the sound produced by metal bowls for meditation in Tibet, Nepal, India and Japan.

Tejido profundo o toque suave de tendones Deep Tissue or Soft Sinew Touch >

A technique from Thailand which focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue.

Reiki Reiki>

The term Reiki is a combination of the words Rei, which means cosmic intelligence, and Ki, which refers to the vital energy. It is a healing system whose aim is to balance the person through the transmission of loving universal energy through the therapist´s hands.

Tratamientos Naturopatía Naturopathic Treatments >

Intensive cleansing of mind and body, promoting relaxation and reconnection with oneself. Naturopathy is a medical science which claims that illness arises through the accumulation of toxins in the organs.

Pranayamas Pranayama >

Travelling through India we came across this system of Pranayama, an ancient set of breathing practices from the yoga tradition that can help to prevent and even heal many diseases and ailments. Indian Master Swami Ramdev proposes them as a daily practice in his crusade for a "A WORLD WITHOUT SUFFERING".