The first harmonic massage took place in a virgin northern area in Brazil in 1994. It combined elements from Shiatsu, the Esalen Californian techniques and Reiki.

This experience paved the way to work in Europe and we continued our task in the South of Spain. We had the opportunity to train and deepen our knowledge.

The trip continued through Thailand, where magic began to happen. The culture and technique of massage was deeply enriching and broadened our knowledge and self-development.

The trip through Thailand was long enough to acquire the technique but short enough to leave us wanting more. So, in search of the very origins of massage, we arrived in India, where, from South to North, we accumulated more knowledge and experience.

As is often the case, personal development is equally important to gaining knowledge. Though visiting ashrams, masters and schools in both India and Nepal, we were able to journey deep inside ourselves to find the stillness that now informs our work.

We incorporated yoga, pranayamas, nathuropathic treatments and other massage techniques that we were able to put into practice in Argentina, in the quietness of the mountains.