Masaje tradicional tailandés, estilo old medicine hospital

Thai Massage Courses

Masaje tradicional tailandés, estilo old medicine hospital

Our courses are unique because they are very practical . We care about silence and the meditative attitude of the masseur rather than simply academic knowledge. In the courses we work intensely, both giving and receiving massage based on the traditional Thai form of teaching. This includes very clear and mostly practical knowledge.

1st level

The initial course of Thai massage lasts 18 hours. During the course you will gain access to experiential and practical comprehension of this therapeutic art. Known the world over, Thai massage includes pressure work onlarge muscular groups, the working of energy lines and pressure points, and highly effective stretching for opening and expanding the body.

The knowledge acquired will enable the student to give a one and a half hour massage to the client in three positions: lying face down, lying face up and sitting up.

No previous knowledge is required, as this course is addressed to the general public. It is therefore suitable for a people from all walks of life, whether looking to practice professionally, on family and friends, to improve yoga and martial art practice or simply for personal development.

2nd level

Also an 18 hour course, this second layer builds on the previous learning, expanding the repetoire of working positions and paying particular attention to developing skills whilst working in the sitting position. This is useful for when working in confined spaces. Completion of level one is a pre-requisite to attend level two.

3rd level

This last stage in our journey deals with the complete side position and the therapeutic aspect of the massage: such as how to tackle different health conditions using massage, Thai medicine and yoga.

Certificates are issued.

Video Courses:

March 2009. Marbella. SENS >

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March 2009, Marbella. SENS >
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